Thursday, January 05, 2006

Businessmen in Yueqing order 22 private jets

SHANGHAI, Dec. 31(Xinhuanet)-- Twenty-two business people in Yueqing City of eastern Zhejiang Province snapped up 22 private aeroplanes at a recent jet exhibition organized by a local flying club, Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post reported Saturday.

£û£ûThe order, placed on Wednesday, involved 10 brands of planes, including four Cessna 172s, four A2C seaplanes, two Robinson R22 helicopters, and two Robinson R44 Ravens. They were provided by seven aircraft manufacturing and marketing companies from China, Hong Kong SAR, the United States and Slovenia.

The purchases totaled 133.2 million yuan(16.7 million U.S. dollars), with the most luxurious made for a Dassult corporate jet valued at 60 million yuan(7.5 million U.S. dollars)

The 22 entrepreneurs are all members of the flying club of Yueqing City, under the jurisdiction of Wenzhou City that is known for its booming private sector.

"Buying a private jet is conducive to fostering a good company image," said Tu Changzhong, board chairman of Wenzhou Yikai Group, adding that driving a plane will be a good recreation for hard-working businessmen like him.

China once banned the granting of airplane license to private individuals but its policies towards private aircraft ownership were shifted after its new Regulation on Flight Control of General Aviation took effect on May 1, 2003.

The regulations simplified the procedures of using and flying private aircraft while allowing private individuals into its low-altitude air domain.

Currently, there are nine private jets owned by four business people on the Chinese mainland. Enditem


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