Thursday, September 22, 2005

Chartering a Private Jet Makes Good Business Sense

Chartering a private jet makes good business sense. Let's explore the reasons why business aviation is thriving even in the face of rising fuel costs.

1. It is safe. Traveling onboard a private jet provides a level of safety not found on the airlines. When you fly private, you are renting the entire jet, not just one seat. You choose who each of your passengers will be; no guessing if the strange looking person sitting in seat #27C will strike a match to his shoes.

2. It is secure. Most private jets fly out of smaller, less visible airports then the ones the airlines utilize. Business aircraft are typically hangared at a facility where strict security controls are in place. Aircraft parked overnight are kept locked at all times.

3. It is efficient. Instead of waiting on long lines at the airport and going through extensive and repetitious security screenings, business aviation passengers get direct access to the aircraft or access through a screening area at their departing airport.

In addition, it is not unusual for business people to visit multiple cities in one day on a business jet. Employees are typically back in the office the next day conducting business [selling products, engaging in mergers and acquisitions, etc.] while their less astute competitors are still out on the road because they flew on the airlines.

4. Your crew is highly trained. Both of your pilots will have had extensive training on the jet they are piloting. In addition, a trained and competent flight attendant will provide a high level of in-flight meal and beverage service not available with any airline. Your passengers -- fellow movers and shakers -- will arrive at each destination relaxed and ready to conduct business.

When you are ready to charter your next private jet, visit the NBAA's website [] for a list of operators who can meet your needs.

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